I tune and repair pianos for schools, colleges, public venues and private homes in the Latimer area.

I also advise on care and buying a piano and can give valuations.

As well as tuning and repairs in the Latimer area, I offer services, such as voicing and regulating.

I aim to tune pianos to concert pitch (A440) This is very important for experienced players and beginners alike. Beginners, particularly young children can be put off if their piano has a different pitch from their teacher's. If a piano has not been regularly tuned, this may not be possible in one visit.

Piano repairs in Latimer fall into two categories, general repairs or restoration. General repairs such as pedal adjustments, hammer and key repairs are usually completed during a tuning visit. Broken strings can also be replaced, although bass strings must be tailor-made and will require a return visit for fitting.

I can give advice on piano restoration, its potential cost and viability.

Appointments in Latimer:-

Monday to Friday
First appointment is 09:00 am
Last appointment is 18:00

First appointment is 10:00
Last appointment is 13:00

Special arrangements can be made for concert tunings.